What makes us Green

For starters, our dry steam cleaning system is used with earth friendly, non toxic products to deep clean and refresh your vehicles interior without leaving behind harsh chemicals and dressings that can potentially emit harmful off-gassing in the cabin of your vehicle.

This dry steam cleaning process has been proven to clean and sanitize better than those of other/older shampooing methods.

Truly, “A better clean.”

When it comes to exterior preparation of your vehicle, we believe that less is more. By using less soapy wash water and avoiding foam cannons, (the latest trend) our wash and prep system does not push unnecessary detergents into the sewer system.

We still rely on elbow grease with the tried and true clay bar contaminant removal process. This preps the surfaces by removing stubborn embedded contaminants that do not come out with other types of washing. Hence, leaving less of an impact prior to excessive waste water arriving at sewage treatment facilities.

Next, by utilizing specialized polishers, compounds, and polishing pads, we are able to brighten and enhance the paint, glass and plastics to create ultra smooth, protected surfaces. With this, your vehicle will require less regular washings as these surfaces will repel dirt and debris like never before.