Shop Labor Rate - $65/hr

Express Detail - from $75

Hand wash and dry vehicle
Tires and wheels cleaned
Exterior glass treatment
Vacuum interior
Wipe down dashboard
Door jams cleaned
Windows cleaned

Exterior Detail - from $120

Hand wash and dry vehicle
Tires and wheels cleaned
Exterior glass treatment
Claybar contaminant removal process
Headlight and taillight polishing
Wiper blades cleaned
Exterior hand polish and wax
(additional charge for paint correction)

Paint Correction - Quote

Most vehicles require some form of paint correction. From single stage machine polishing and hand waxing, to our four stage polishing process. Multi-stage polishing with a variety of foam pads takes time. So stop by and we'll educate you on what service your vehicle requires to look its best.

Mildew & Odor Removal - from $150

Our steam cleaning and ozone
treatment will remedy most cases
of mildew and odors

Overspray Removal - Quote

Several insurance companies and contractors hire us to remove overspray off of vehicles. This can be a very tedious and time consuming task. We have saved many autos from needing refinishing work.

Pre-Sale Detailing - from $160

It is obvious that a clean vehicle sells faster and at a higher price. Stop by and together we can determine what package is best for you and your auto.

Interior Detail - from $120

Thorough vacuuming of interior
Air purged cleaning of crevices
Under and between seats and other hard to reach places
Dry-steam cleaning of fabrics, carpeting and floor mats Clean door panels, pockets, dashboard, console, vents, kick panels and cup holders
Clean and condition leather
Clean interior and exterior glass
Clean trunk and door jambs

Decal Removal - Quote

If you need us to remove that old clear bra, unwrap the race car or remove old signs and logos off of company vehicles, we can do that.

Metal Polishing - Quote

From acid burned aluminum wheels to nickel winged hood ornaments we polish and perfect all types of metal.

Cilajet Paint Sealant - from $500

Comes with a 3 year limited warranty. Guaranteed the best paint sealant available.

Learn more here

Paintless Dent Repair - Quote

Keep the integrity of your factory paint job and experience the best in paintless dent removal.